What’s the Wow Effect?

I’m Mike Dawson, an authentic globe trotter! The Wow Effect is the culmination of all the Wow moments I’ve collected throughout my travels. A little bit from here and a little bit from there: my teaching, education and work as well as life experiences are truly a proverbial potpourri of different cultures!
Here’s the secret to my teaching: speak loads of English and embrace the wonderful Andalusian charm. Sing, dance, laugh and live the English language in a fun, informal way. Mix the tough grammar and other technical bits with fun in order to learn about new cultures and ways of expressing yourself. The Wow Effect is personalized learning delivered in a fun and beneficial way!

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Steps for discovering the Wow Effect!

Wow, that's the way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it.

Convenient Timetables

Customise your timetable to suit your needs.

Small class sizes

Nuestro método esta enfocado en la conversación activa. Cada clase será única y divertida.

Native Teachers

Before, during and after your classes, the teacher will be there to help you.

How would you define the Wow! Effect?

The WoOoOoO effect is…


Jose Miguel


“ Good luck Mr. Dawson. ”




“I found Mr Dawson an extraordinary teacher and most importantly, my 7 years old daughter did too. Mr Dawson made my daughter’s maths lessons very innovative and fun, so she has fallen in love with maths again!The same has happened with her English. He is a very resourceful teacher and between his IT skills, numerous applications, fun personality and custom made teaching skills, made my daughter’s class fun and very didactical. We are very grateful to have him as our daughter’s teacher.”



Marketing and Comunication

Wow! English is amazing! It’s a unique academy, capable of making hard classes fun, and really makes you excited to learn other cultures by learning a new language ;-). Well done, Mike!




You’ll have a new anecdote to tell your family every day after experiencing the Wow Effect! Today we’ve sung, learned a new expression, played a new game, etc… And you’ll find yourself saying Wow in any place or any time thanks to these classes. Crazy and totally fun learning!



Tour guide

Mike is a great professor. His classes are so dynamic and fun that learning comes easily. My son really enjoys and loves going to class there. Thanks for everything, Mike