British School Students

Our support classes focus on accomplishing all sorts of literacy goals, targets and objectives as well as improving the overall learning capabilities of British School learners. The Wow! Effect Offers both Maths and English support in a British Classroom environment with methodology and tasks that are identical to the ones they students receive in school.

Enjoy your learning

Our support classes provide the extra help a learner might need in core Primary and Secondary subjects from September until the end of the school year. We incorporate games in Maths, songs in English and others ways to learn. The sky is the limit!

Want to dance? If your answer is yes, sign up to one of our classes! Will do 2 one-hour sessions a week to help you improve in either British Primary English or Maths subjects. We’ll personalise our timetables based on the needs of our students so don’t hesitate… ask us and let’s go!


35€ registration fee includes access to our digital library for young learners. Only 25€ if you register before the 15th of September; registration is open from July.


Monthly payment of 125€ each month per student.

Course & Class duration

Our classes last 9 months from the beginning of the course until the end of June; they include two one-hour classes per week.

Class Sizes

Groups are between 4 and 8 students per session.