The Wow Effect! Closer than ever

Get to know the craziest and most enjoyable way to learn English

Follow our steps to learn English

¡El efecto Wow te hará mover tu cuerpo sin parar!

STEP 1. The Travolta

You’ve decided to learn English! I’ll be your travel guide on this learning adventure.
In my backpack, there are two great cultures (My Spanish and American sides): Both of which have equipped me with learning tools to help develop your language and creative capacities. Have fun while learning!

My extroverted personality and tenacity allow me to be on the same level as my students, making my classes not only fun but fascinating and surprising to boot! What you learn will always accompany you on your future learning adventures. My philosophy is “teachers should always personalise their services to the needs of each student.”

STEP 2. Rolling Grapevine

Quit worrying about crowded classes! We have small group sizes between 4 and 8 people so our teachers can monitor progress carefully. During this trip, we´ll use the best traditional and modern teaching methods and online resources (Readtheory, quizlet, Mathsgames,, Google Classroom, etc.)

Get ready for the Cambridge exams, receive British National Curriculum support or join our English workshops… Step by step, your language comprehension and speech skills will improve in a dynamic and flexible teaching environment.


Time to get moving! Active students are happy students! We use Total Physical Response methodology as well as cooperative learning strategies in our classes. What does this mean? Your fellow students will be the stars of each class and the teacher will co-learn and co-teach with you!

Every day will be different and unforgettable. Our classes include dynamic activities like silly dancing; chants and rhymes; role play and group activities. Active learning is the best way to improve your English!

STEP 4. Chicken

Leave your inhibitions at the door! Imagine practicing punctuation while doing karate or rapping about winter clothes. What about the irregular verbs, you ask? How about learning them through poetry or made-up words?

As you can see, learning and having fun don’t have to be at odds but instead can generate student interest as well as a positive, cooperative attitude towards learning another language. You’ll be in charge of how you get on with learning English!

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