Kids & Teens

Dynamic classes designed to fulfill the needs of students’ emotional intelligence (EI). We know the vital role EI plays in our daily lives.

Have fun while learning

Monday to Friday, we offer small group classes between 4-8 students. Learners will learn a new language and will familiarize themselves with a different culture in a dynamic, natural and fun way. We use collaborative learning and our teachers track progress for each learner, mixing both traditional and modern learning methods. Total Physical Response strategies encourage learning through dancing, role play, chants and rhythms as well as a repertoire of other fun activities.
Let’s Get Crackin!


35€ registration fee includes access to our digital library for young learners. Only 25€ if you register before the 15th of September; registration is open from July onwards.


Monthly payment of 75 euros each month per student.

Course & Class duration

Our classes last 9 months from the beginning of the course until the end of June; they include two one-hour classes per week.

Class Sizes

Groups are between 4 and 8 students per session.


Classes Offered

Welcome to the Wow! Effect. How does this work for young learners? Quite simple really…
– Classes are from Monday to Thursday from 1500 to 1900.
– One hour a day, twice a week.
– Groups divided in: kids, pre-teen and teens
– Will have a Homework club on Fridays

Here we go!