One to One

Completely personalise your classes! Are you getting ready for an exam? Or are you going to travel abroad? Need to work in a job where you are required to speak another language? Private classes are a very effective way of learning English tailored to your needs. You won’t lose out on any of the fun while learning either.

“Involve me, and I learn…”

Franklin was onto something when he said the aforementioned quote! In order to learn English you need to get involved, feel footloose and fancy free as well as live every day as if you were in an English speaking country… We want to be your guide on this language learning adventure and offer you all the tricks and tools of the English trade that you will take aboard with you to England, the USA, Australia, etc. Tell us where you want to go and Wow! English will help customise its classes to help you get there ready to speak English. Step by step, you’ll accomplish your English goals. We give online classes as well as classes in person in the morning or afternoon.

Ask us! LET’S GO!!


Send us a message and we’ll inform you about our prices.


1 hour in person.
2 30 minute sessions online using, Skype, Google Hangouts and other cool tools.
Of course, we can completely customise your timetable!

Duration of classes

Standard classes are 2 hours a week… make the most of every minute!