Summer Camp

Get the most out of your Summer! Include Wow! English in your summer plans by signing up your young ones in the most fun camp in Málaga where you’ll learn all sorts of English outside of the classroom. We´ll spend time in swimming pools, cooking classes, doing trips to museums and elsewhere… Any place is perfect for learning English.

Weeks 1 & 2

The camp begins!

The first week’s theme is Turf. What better way to avoid the heat than to explore Málaga’s refreshing and diverse nature. You’ll learn all about nature including all sorts of flora and fauna vocabulary as well as take a trip to the Botanical gardens in Málaga where you’ll be able to experience nature first hand.

Our second week’s them is Surf. Málaga kisses the sea so it’s important that learners can talk about its water features in English. Sharks, manta rays, starfish, colourful fish and other aquatic animals will be the protagonists this week. We’ll visit the Sea Classroom (Aula del Mar) so we can appreciate in person how these animals act and put to use all the vocabulary we’ve studied under the sea.

Weeks 3 & 4

The adventure continues!

Week 3 is action-packed! Tunes is our theme so it’s time to get down with music and learn English to the rhythm of the most famous songs and tunes of all time! Want to understand what your favourite singer is saying or what the lyrics to your favourite song actually convey? We’ll help you understand. Lastly, we’ll visit the Interactive Music Museum of Málaga (La MIMMA), which will be a fun way to experience live music in person. I like it♫

Week 4 is all about science. We’ll learn about science by doing experiments and other activities in a fun and pleasant way; it will all be in English of course. It seems like a real challenge but it’ll be as easy as counting from 1 to 3 while using the Wow! Effect. You’ll express scientific dreams and test scientific investigations during this week. We’ll check out scientific activities first hand during our trip to the Museum of Science in the Rosaleda stadium..

Camp Fees

70€ a week; price of trips and transport not included.


The camp begins at 930 and ends at 1430. Friday are trip days.

Camp Duration

The camp lasts all of July and you can sign up after Holy Week.


Groups are formed with similar-aged children. Ready, set, go! We’ll speak English all day every day at camp.